EditerListe des erreurs (?) relevés dans The Cambridge History Of Japan :

Page 115
Carte du sanctuaire de Miwa pas précise, devrait être plus haut ?

Page 248
The first clear indication that Nagaya was losing control came in the ninth month of 927 when Lady Asukabe - Shomu's empress and Fuhito's daughter who later became Principal Empress Komyo - gave birth to Prince Motoi
927 ? Ce ne serait pas plutôt 727 ?

Page 253
between 741 and 745 Japan had three new capitals: first at Kuni in Yamashiro, then at Shigaraki in Omi, and finally at Naniwa in Settsu
Naniwa puis Shigaraki selon wikipedia anglais et français.

Page 261
Tachibana no Moroe continued on as minister of the left until 756, just a year before Koken's abdication.
Koken a adbiqué en 758.